Monday, January 23, 2017

Electrical Body Manipulation

Thomas Edison developed direct current but it was not as affective as alternating current developed by westing house.

The first experiments with electricity were to basically create an electric field around a person that was suspended in the air and charged the individual with electricity to attract different metals. With enough charge they could create a glow that looked similar to the symbolism for saints and angels

As the experiments progressed they increased the electricity and started to kill animals with the charges and started to develop new ways to charge and store electricity in a jar called a Leyden jar.  With the stored electricity they were able to produce much larger charges and that lead to the development of electric generators.

With the development of electric generators the creation of the electric chair and the common use of electricity became available to a lot of normal people.

The use of electricity was also used to show how electricity can stimulate muscles and force your muscles to flex and create different responses based on the amount of electricity that is used.

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