Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day Two Notes

Components Part Two

Potentiometers/Rheostats/Presets - A variable resistor, a resistor that has an adjustment knob of some sort like a slider on an audio board. Used for large voltage like a light dimmer, the preset is a item that is attached to your device that gives a precise amount of voltage to what it is attached too. 

Linear variable resistor goes up from zero in a straight linge

Logarithmic takes awhile to taper off and then shoots up.

    - Common to see three legs
    - The legs are a collector an emitter and a base (EBC) to determine what the legs are get the data      sheet
    - Can be used as an amplifier or a switch which are the most common uses
    - Two types of junctions, NPN or PNP
    - NPN not pointing in on the circuit diagram
    - Sourcing is pushing
    - Syncing is to the ground


    - Speakers, transducers, buzzers, and beepers
    - Transduction is turning electrical energy into sound energy
    - Transducers have a piece of crystal to vibrate to send sound


    - One direction valve for electricity, controls the direction of electricity to stop kick back so devices     don't burn up

Fancy/Weird Resistors

    - Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)(CDS)
    - Thermistor

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