Monday, March 6, 2017

The good the bad and the ugly

Doesn't really tell you how he built anything and how he wired everything up to make the timer I believe this is a bad instructible.

This is an excellent instructible on how to build your own arduino. Very clear and concise about how to do everything

This instructible doesn't even instruct on how to build said boat it is just pictures and saying this is what I did like I attached the wood here. There is no information on how to cut out the beams and placement of the beams and planks and there is no instruction on how to create the boat in sketchup I believe this is a pretty bad instructible

Great explanation on how to bake bread everything is well defined and clear on what to do and how to do it.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


For my final I will be making a arm gauntlet made from eva foam, velcro straps, and a led touch screen display. I will be assembling the pieces of the foam separately from cut outs from outline drawings that I will create. I will assemble the pieces in order then super glue the pieces together on the length of my arm. The touch screen will be mounted on the Arduino and placed in the center of the foam design in the socket that will be cut out. The code will be used from the touch screen creator to modify the led screen for designs.

EVA Foam -

Super glue/Hot glue

Touch Screen -

Portable Battery Pack -

Example design -

How to make the arm guards -

Instructible on one -